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A New Musical Beginning


Today, 98.6 functions under the direction of "A Dream Deferred LLC", a Washington, D.C. based limited liability corporation created to develop and publish new music and to promote the talents of performing artists.

But even though 98.6 is a cohesive unit which functions with solidarity of purpose and oneness of direction, the performing group and team is currently composed of the exciting individual musicians and team members presented here:

  • Gary Thomas, lead and background vocals, keyboards

  • Willie H.R. Jolley, lead and background vocals, trumpet, and percussion

  • Bradley A. Thomas, lead and background vocals, soprano, and tenor saxes, flute, and percussion

  • David W. Sinkfield, alto, and tenor saxes, flute, percussion, and background vocals

  • Tony Smith, trumpet, lead and background vocals, and percussion

  • Charles "Chuck" Williams, lead and background vocals, and percussion

  • Ronald K. Thomas ("Drummer Ronnie T."), drums, percussion, lead and background vocals

  • George W. Porter, lead and rhythm guitars, vocals

  • Kenneth L. Jones, bass guitar, keyboards and vocals

  • L. Steve Arnett, keyboards, baritone sax, percussion and vocals

  • John Bracey, Chief engineer: lighting, sound and logistics

  • Barry J. Washington, Management: business and stage management and logistics

Piano B&W
Close up of microphone
Drum Sticks
waiting to be played
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